thescreen: Space Dogs: Return To Earth

Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 11:00am

This is a socially distanced film screening. To ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable we have put some new measures in place which can be found here. If you have any concerns or queries regarding your booking, please email  Space Dogs: Return To Earth | U | 1h 20min | Animation, Action, Adventure | Mauriett Chayeb, Maria Antonieta Monge, Paula Andrea BarrosWhen a mysterious and dangerous whirlpool phenomenon appears in the tropics of the Atlantic Ocean, Belka and Strelka, the first astronauts on their way back from a mission to Saturn, are sent to investigate. As they venture down into the swirling ocean depths, they discover a mysterious UFO attempting to steal all of Earth's water. With the help of their good friends, Belka and Strelka once again perform a heroic mission to save both our planet and the distant home of their new alien friends.

South Mill Arts