Neighbourhood Planning (Revision) Team

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council is now commencing a limited revision of the two Neighbourhood Plans to bring them up to date and better align the policies across the town.

This process, which is expected to take about 12 months, will be undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan (Revisions)Team, comprising representatives of Community groups and interested individuals.

If you are interested in volunteering to contribute, we are looking for expertise in the areas of Housing and Design and Education, and site specific areas including, East of Manor Links, Old River Lane and the Town Centre.

For further information, on volunteering please contact - Sim Richardson ( or call 01279 712142

Virtual VE Day 75 Celebration

In light of the current coronavirus outbreak Bishop’s Stortford Town Council’s VE day 75 celebrations will be moved online.  Follow @bishopsstortfordtc on Facebook on 8 May from 2.50 to join in the celebrations.  

Councillors and the local branch of the Royal British Legion will share with us a little bit about VE day as well as reading some poems. A local musician will be playing the last post and reveille and a piper will be playing Battle’s O’er and VE DAY 75 (a special piece of music created to mark VE Day). Carole Williams, Town Crier of Bishop's Stortford, will cry the Peace cry written to celebrate VE Day 75.

The Town Council will be asking members of the public to film themselves toasting to WW2 national heroes and we will piece together a collage of all the different videos. We will also be asking people to share photos and stories of ancestors who served in the Second World War with #Bishopsstortford #VEDay75.

A schedule of the day is below:

2.50  Introduction by Cllr Norma Symonds The Mayor of Bishop’s Stortford

2.51  Bishop's Stortford at War by President of The BS Royal British Legion John Robinson

2.53 A Poem read by the Deputy Mayor Cllr Warnell

2.54 A Poem read by the Leader of Bishop’s Stortford Town Council Cllr Wyllie

2.55 Last Post, Silence and Reveille performed by Bishop’s Stortford Town Band

3.00 Playing of Battle’s O’er and VE DAY 75  performed by Matthew McRae

3.05 The Nation’s toast to the heroes of World War 2- Bishop’s Stortford residents

6.55 A cry for peace cried by Carole Williams Town Crier of Bishop's Stortford


How to get involved:

National toast to heroes

  • Film yourself saying “We stand here today for those who gave so much, we thank you” whilst toasting a drink (which doesn’t have to be alcoholic). Videos should be filmed landscape in 1920x1080 on your smart phone or laptop
  • Transfer the files to via Its free and very easy to use

Sharing photos etc:

  • Share your photos and stories of ancestors who served in the Second World War #Bishopsstortford #VEDay75 making sure to tag @bishopsstortfordtc

Neighbourhood Plan Task and Finish Group - Tuesday 21st April 2020

The Neighbourhood Plan Task and Finish Group Meeting will take place via VIDEO-CONFERENCE on Tuesday 21st April 2020 at 11am. The public are welcome to attend.
The agenda and attachments are available to view at: 

Please join the Neighbourhood Plan Task and Finish Group Zoom Meeting by:

Visiting this website:…; or

or By phone on: 0208 080 6592

then Enter the Meeting ID: 668 630 0628

and Enter the Unique Passcode (if requested to): 385381

Planning and Development Committee Meeting - Tuesday 14th April 2020

The Planning and Development Committee Meeting will take place via VIDEO-CONFERENCE on Tuesday 14th April 2020 at 7.30pm. The public are welcome to attend.
The agenda and attachments are available to view at: 

Please join the Planning and Development Committee Zoom Meeting by:

Visiting this website:…  or

or By phone on:  0208 080 6592

then Enter the Meeting ID:  668 630 0628

and Enter the Unique Passcode (if requested to):  385381




Market - Coronavirus update

The government announced on 23 March that certain business must close, and social distancing measures must be put in place for businesses that are deemed essential.
The government website states that ‘Market stalls which offer essential retail, such as grocery and food’ have been listed as an exception and may remain open.

This information is linked here:…

following this announcement, Bishop’s Stortford Town Council has worked with traders that provide essential services to ensure that the market can safely operate.

The government has stated that business that may remain open MUST adhere to these guidelines:

• Ensure a distance of two meters between customers and shop assistants; and

• Let people enter the shop only in small groups, to ensure that spaces are not


• Queue control is required outside of shops and other essential premises that

remain open.

To ensure that all traders at the market comply with these guidelines, all traders must put a social distancing plan in place before they trade. The social distancing plan outlines how a trader will comply with each of these points. A market officer is onsite on market days to ensure that traders are adhering to social distancing measures. Pictures below were taken from yesterday’s market (2 April), and show 2 metre marked out spaces, and signage asking customers not to group and to remain 2 metres apart – similar to the measures taken in supermarkets.

We have also altered the location of where traders are allowed to trade from. Not all of our pitches are available to hire so that social distancing measures can be maintained. Pitches will be spaced at least 6 meters away from each other to allow customers to queue. We have also assessed pitches that could cause a ‘bottleneck’, so members of
the public can pass easily.

We have put these systems in place, and are now relying on members of the public to follow them appropriately.

Advice for those that use the market remains the same as those using supermarkets:
- Please wash your hand thoroughly when you return home. Advice on how to correctly wash your hands can be found here:
- Please do not visit family or friends whilst at the market.
- Please comply with social distancing measures while attending the market. How to properly social distance yourself from others can be found here:…
- The market is not a place for social gatherings. No seating or resting areas are made available by traders.

We have been following the movements of other market operators via the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA). Currently, markets nationally and locally are applying their own social distancing measures depending on the layout of their market.
- Saffron Walden – Still operating in an open area with traders selling essential products.
- St Albans – Still operating and selling a range of fruit and veg, bread, meat, cheese, fish, eggs, and other dry food goods
- Waltham Abbey – Still operating with social distancing measures in place
London Markets
- Walthamstow – Still operating with essential groceries on sale
- Camden – Still operating, groceries, hardware goods, pet foods and take away food still available
- Borough – Still operating selling groceries with additional social distancing measures in place

We have been continuously updating our traders with information from the government website to ensure they all have the most current information. We have advised traders with latest information for:

Advice for food retailers:…

Removal of waste, cleaning and hygiene:…

And links to business support for our traders that cannot currently trade:…


We are keeping updated with the latest government advice from the and endeavour to make the market as safe as possible whilst also providing an essential food service for the town. The market is an extension of the high street, and as the government have said that members of the public can still leave their homes to buy food it is essential that this service is still available.

Finally, to help our traders that cannot currently trade at the market, we will be setting up a virtual market on our Bishop’s Stortford Market Facebook page. This will allow to traders to advertise their business, and post products directly to customers. Look out for all of your favourite traders from the Farmers and Craft market and the general market!

Markets- response to Coronavirus

Currently the Market is due to open and is scheduled to continue to operate every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (if permitted by the government to do so). The Market is operating under the new restrictions for retailers (imposed by the government on 23.03.2020) and only approved businesses will be allowed to trade. Traders are taking additional measures to protect themselves and the public they serve.

In line with government guidelines, traders (as all retailers) must adhere to the following:
• Ensure a distance of two meters between customers and shop assistants; and
• Let people enter the shop only in small groups, to ensure that spaces are not crowded.
• Queue control is required outside of shops and other essential premises that remain open.

 The Farmers and Craft Markets have been suspended until further notice. Traders that sell products which have been approved by the Government have been given the opportunity to trade at the Thursday, Friday Saturday Market.

The Town Council have the safety of the traders, its officers and the public as its primary focus. The Council will be reviewing this service as new government guidelines are released.

Office Closure, still open by phone and email

Following Government advice and in light of the development of Coronavirus (Convid-19) Bishop’s Stortford Town Council offices and the Tourist Information Centre will be closed until further notice.

We will still be continuing to provide vital services via phone, emails and our website. You can get touch with us via:
01279 715001 (Mon – Fri 09.00-17.00. Saturday 09.00-15.00)
01279 175000 (Mon – Fri 09.00-17.00. Saturday 09.00-15.00)

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Planning and Development Committee 24th March CANCELLED

The meeting of the Planning and Development Committee due to take place on 24th March has been CANCELLED.

The Town Council will still submit its comments to the District Council under powers delegated to officers.  Members opinions have been sought and any member of the public who wishes to comment on any of the applications on the agenda is requested to do so no later than 9am on 25th March.