Following the local elections that took place on 4th May 2023, East Herts Council has declared the results which can be found here.

The elected Town Councillors for Bishop's Stortford Town Council are:

Cllr Martin Adams (LD) – All Saints

Cllr Richard Bower (LD) – All Saints

Cllr Yvonne Estop (Lab) – Central

Cllr David Jacobs (Lab) – Central

Cllr Matthew Bird (Lab) – Chantry

Cllr Miriam Swainston (LD) – Chantry

Cllr Richard Townsend (LD) – Parsonage

Cllr Chris Wilson (LD) – Parsonage

Cllr Sarah Copley (LD) – Silverleys

Cllr Stephen Skinner (LD) – Silverleys

Cllr Alex Chapman (Lab) – South

Cllr Oliver Diffey (Lab) – South

Cllr Holly Drake (Con) – Thorley Manor North

Cllr Calvin Horner (LD) – Thorley Manor North

Cllr Mione Goldspink (LD) – Thorley Manor South

Cllr John Wyllie (Con) – Thorley Manor South

Cllr Murray White (LD) - Waterside