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The Carnival Parade/Fun Day Display is free to enter, please complete one form per entry. Application deadline is 01 May 2024.

(Pre 1985 vehicles only)

Classic Car owners must choose one of the following options:

  1. Enter the Carnival Parade only
  2. Enter the Carnival Parade and then display vehicle on Sworders Field at the Carnival Fun Day, CM23 2EL
  3. Display vehicle on Sworders Field, CM23 2EL (without participating in the parade).

Please see the terms and conditions for each option below:

1. Entering the Carnival Parade only

This year’s theme is 'Best of British' - Celebrating all that is great about this diverse, creative, historic country and its plethora of national treasures. Bishop’s Stortford Town Council encourages entries to be visually exciting, thought provoking or entertaining and in keeping with the overall upbeat spirit of our Carnival Parade and theme.

Parade Route and other important information


  • Parade registration on South Road (junction of London Road) opens at 10.00. Please report here upon arrival. Only vehicles associated with the event will be given access. Drivers must be aware that there will be pedestrians in the road
  • Parade registration closes 10.30
  • Parade starts at 11.30
  • Parade finishes on Link Road at 12.30 (normal road traffic regulations apply from this point)

Please note, only Bishop’s Stortford Town Council Carnival Parade stewards will be available at the forming up area on South Road from 10am. South Mill Art’s staff are unable to assist with Carnival Parade enquiries.

South Road, South Street, Potter Street, Market Square, North Street finishing on Link Road.  The route is approximately 2 miles


2. Participating in the Carnival Parade and then in the car display at the Carnival Fun Day on Sworders Field, CM23 2EL

Classic car owners can participate in the Carnival Parade and then display their vehicle on Sworders Field at the Fun Day after the parade. 

  • After the parade, classic car drivers will need to wait until the event organisers deem it suitable and safe to drive onto the field
  • Once in position on the field, no vehicular movement will be permitted until 5pm.
3. Displaying classic cars on Sworders Field, CM23 2EL, without participating in the Carnival Parade
  • The Carnival Fun Day is open to the public between 12.00 and 17.00
  • Vehicles must be in position on the field between 08.00 – 11.00
  • Once in position, vehicular movements on the field are not permitted until 17.00.

Other important information is included in the Carnival Fun Day terms and conditions which can be found on the Town Council’s website

Prizes are available for the best entries. Judging of the participants takes place during the actual Carnival Parade as it passes through town. 

All participants will be marked by the following criteria:

  • Overall design and visual impact i.e. how good it all looks.
  • Interpretation of the Carnival theme.
  • Effort and participation – i.e. how much work you have put into it.
  • Spirit of Carnival – i.e. how well you engage with the Carnival spectators.

Winners will be announced in the main arena on Sworders Field CM23 2EL during the Carnival Fun Day. Prizes will be given out by the Mayor.

  • First prize £500
  • Second prize £200
  • Third Prize £100

Prize money will be donated by Bishop’s Stortford Town Council to a charity of the winners’ choosing.