Neighbourhood Planning is the way for the local community to have a direct say in development.  Two Neighbourhood Plans cover Bishop’s Stortford (and a part of Thorley Parish).  These were completed in 2015 and 2017 and adopted following extensive public consultation and a referendum on each plan. These, together with the District Plan, contain the policies against which all planning applications are assessed. 

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council  has undertaken a limited revision of the two Neighbourhood Plans to bring them up to date.  This revision, like the original plan, was created by a team of dedicated volunteers representing all sections of the Community and overseen by the Town Council. The principal changes that we are proposing comprise:  

  • New sections on Climate Change and the Town Centre
  • Extensive revisions to the sections on Green Infrastructure and Transport
  • Lesser revisions to other sections of the plan including changes so that policies (except site-specific policies) are the same for the whole town

The revised plans have now been subjected to independent examination and the examiner has submitted his report.  He has recommend that it be made (ie adopted) with some modifications.. 

The recommendations have now been incorprorated into the documents. The formal process of adopting the plans may take a few months  however the plans are already a material consideration in planning applications.  The final versions of the plans appear below.  





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