Neighbourhood Planning is the way for the local community to have a direct say in development.  Two Neighbourhood Plans cover Bishop’s Stortford (and a part of Thorley Parish).  These were completed in 2015 and 2017.  These, together with the District Plan, contain the policies against which all planning applications are assessed.

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council is now commencing a limited revision of the two Neighbourhood Plans to bring them up to date and better align the policies across the town.  This process, which is expected to take about 12 months, will be undertaken largely by a ‘Neighbourhood Plan Team’ comprising representatives of Community groups and interested individuals, about a dozen people in total.  Whilst many of these individuals will have been involved in one of both of the plans from the outset, we are seeking new core team members as well as people who wish to form part of a larger consultation group which will work with the team on specific areas of the plan.

Applicants should note the remit of the team (contained in the information pack here) and be aware that, whilst Neighbourhood Planning is a powerful tool, a Neighbourhood Plan can shape but not prevent development which is part of the District Plan. 

For further information contact Sim Richardson ( or call 01279 712142