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Bishop's Stortford Town Council Planning and Development Committee is a statutory consultee on all planning applications affecting the Town. East Herts District Council is the legal planning authority and planning decisions are ultimately made by them. East Herts DC will take into account representations made by Bishop's Stortford Town Council.

Bishop's Stortford Town Council will enter a 'no comment' response to applications which lie wholly within one or more of the following classes unless a representation or letter of objection has been received from a member of the public or a Councillor or member of the public would like to speak on the particular application:

Domestic 1 story rear extensions <4m
Domestic 1 and 2 storey extensions which project no further than the building line of immediately adjacent buildings
Domestic 1 storey side extensions >=1m from side boundary
Domestic porches


All applications entered as a 'no comment' will be included in Appendix 1 and are listed numerically.

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Planning Process and Policies

The Government's Planning Portal explains the planning process in more detail at 

The documents shown below give more information about the planning process and Bishop's Stortford Town Council's Planning Policies,