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In response to requests from residents and businesses made on Facebook, Bishop’s Stortford Town Council is offering the opportunity for individuals, organisations or businesses to contribute to enhancements of the Annual Christmas Lights in South Street, Potter Street, Market Square and North Street.

The current lights cost about £14,000 to put on each year, which comes entirely from the residents of the town, working out at just under £1 per household . Most of the money goes on putting up, taking down, repairs and annual testing both of the lights and of the buildings to which they are anchored. A proportion is set aside for a rolling replacement programme, on average a feature will last about 5 years.

Many people would like more lights however the cost must either be met by Council Tax payers or through donations. Therefore please consider donating to our 2017 lighting appeal.

Why should you help?

Only you know why you should help, it could be you care because

  • You are community spirited.
  • The Christmas Lights are important to you.
  • You want to support the town.
  • As a business to thank your customers and the residents of the Town 

How to donate

To donate and for full details download the document below